Finding The Shire (And visiting some Hobbit holes)

As a film nerd, this was a very exciting day for me. I was going to a film set. Not just a film set, I was going to see the Shire! Hobbiton! Where all the little Hobbit holes were set up! (Insert incoherent babbling, because that was what I was doing).

While not a massive Lord of the Rings fan, I do love the hobbits, and the first Hobbit movie where they have a fair chunk of time in the Shire. Also, I just love sets and the detail and the ingenuity and everything. It makes me happy!

We arrived early, got coffee, made friends with a baby, did some postcard shopping etc before we actually got to get going. In that time, I proved that my clumsiness in the caves was categorically not due to the cold. I tried to get up from the picnic bench too fast, got my converse caught in the leg of my jumpsuit and ended up toppling backwards, lying on the grass laughing for a few minutes before rolling up again and almost falling over straight away. I am just THAT clumsy guys. Twas entertaining.

I’m going on an Adventure!

The actual set was so so cool! The Hobbit hole doors are arranged in a little collection, but some are small and some are bigger for forced persepective and there were little tiny vegetable patches and little stepladders with boxes full of bright coloured flowers. There were mini beehives and mason jars, benches outside doors, a woodcutters hut with an axe. There were little curtains hanging in the window and doors further away partially obscured by shrubbery.

Hobbit- holes galore
There were notices on the noticeboard!
A cheesy hobbit lives here methinks

It looked like a village. The amount of detail was incredible, right down to lattice work on windows! Things that you would never be able to pick up in the movie but the set includes – like herbs drying in window fronts, little chimneys etc. There were clotheslines and a game of dice set up on an upturned flower pot.

There were a few people sized doors, and it was here my shorter stature came in handy. There was a big red door you could open and be coming out of, and there was also a little painting station because this was the artists hobbit hole.

A hobbit for a hobbit door!

And there was another with a bee on the letterbox, so this was clearly my hobbit hole!

A hobbit hole for a Bee!

And of course, Bilbo’s Bag End, complete with sign saying “No Admission except on party business” and a pipe left on the bench outside. Bilbo’s got a good view of the Shire!

Bag End šŸ˜
I have party business!

I was in love. Still am really. We happened to be there on Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday, so they were setting up for a shindig at the Green Dragon pub! It was a gorgeous day and I wish I could have stayed longer, but the tours are timed to ensure it doesn’t get too crowded.

It was so much fun. I took so many photographs and I haven’t even attempted to sort them yet. I shall do so at home where I can determine which of the amazing features I want to keep. I will keep them all

Happy Hobbit Day!