Taking a turn around Bath

Despite living a scant hour or so do the road for most of my life and absolutely straight up adoring Jane Austen, I realised recently that I had never been to Bath.

This has now been rectified.

Last week, on a particularly gorgeous day and toting my new digital bridge camera, I caught the train to Bath and went off on a walk/Jane Austen extravaganza with my mum. This really lovely tourist information lady was at the train station and she gave us a map and basically a walking route around Bath which encompassed all the regency stuff that I was interested in! After a quick lunch, we set off – converse laces firmly tied and the lens cap on.

We didn’t have time to visit the Roman Baths, but next time I come to Bath!

Interestingly, the Pultney Bridge in Bath is one of only three or so arches bridges with both sides of the bridge lines with shops in the world, with a crescent weir in front of it in the River Avon. Both of which were coll to take photos of, but once we’d done so we crossed quickly to take a look at all the regency buildings (and the street where Anne Elliot was running around looking for Wentworth and found the Crofts instead) but I wasn’t able to get any decent photos. We did get a bit lost trying to find the park below the bridge as well.

Pultney Bridge, Bath

“Oh! Who could ever be tired of Bath?”

Catherine Morland, Northanger Abbey, Jane Austen
Crescent weir, river Avon

One of the unexpected bonuses of going adventuring with someone is when that someone takes loads of pictures of you taking pictures of things (thank you mum!). I was trying to get some awesome angle shots of Pultney Bridge and got distracted by the gulls (as you do).

Oh hey, it’s me!
Shoelaces, eh?

The Assembly Rooms were closed for private events, which was unfortunate, but I got to try out what I call the “bling” setting on my camera!

Chandelier at The Assembly Rooms – using the bling setting

I didn’t realise, when I first was looking at visiting Bath, that there is a museum on the Royal Crescent, called 1 Royal Crescent, where they set the house up in regency style as history has indicated it would have been. We didn’t have a lot of time, but it was a really interesting trip and I would recommend if you’re interested in that period of history and in Bath!

Rooms in 1 Royal Crescent Museum, Bath

The Circle was wiggle-dance worthy

Circle, Bath
Gay Street – Bath, UK

and led onto Gay Street (which is really steep!) and our most exciting destination – The Jane Austen Centre (dun dun daaaaaaaa). I loved it there. There was a bit of Austen history, some portrait speculation, all the staff are named after their favourite Austen character and in costume, there is an exhibition or two and (my favourite bit, I will be honest) dressing up. Oh, and some quill writing and gift shopping. It was glorious. I love Jane Austen’s works, and I really loved the centre!

Dressing up is amazing – I can be a regency lady, reading at the window…
Or a fine gentleman off to the club with Mr Darcy!

All in all, my time in Bath was brief but I absolutely loved the city and would willingly waste more time in it – when I am back from New Zealand that is. I also learnt that I love my new camera and that one bar of battery will last about a day so that is useful information indeed!

Honestly, just visiting Bath was so exciting and I took so many photos! Here are a few of my favourites

The entrance to the Pump Rooms
The writing on this building says “Circulating library and reading room” and I just thought it was neat…
Copper pans at the Royal Crescent Museum
Ribbons outside the habadashery and trim shop in Bath

ASIDE: It’s kind of terrifying. I go to Thailand in FIVE (5) days! Whoa, so much to and and so little time left!

(Busy) Bea

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