The Storage Wars…or Attempting to Pack Part 1 – The Move

Well, it’s less of a storage war and more that I have A LOT of stuff, and I have allowed myself two suitcases, a box and my record player worth of stuff to go into storage for the next year. This is The Opportunity to Declutter of my life.

It’s been painful.

Take my books as a starting point. I organised my books first to allow me the time to read all on the Backlog Busting list. It was hard because growing up I hung onto my tatty collection of car boot sale paperbacks – I adored them and admired them and sorted them and then (inevitably) grew out of them. But I still love to be able to see what’s on my shelf and what I have access too – it’s the hardest thing about a kindle in my experience – that I can’t look at my kindle and see what is on it. Which would, of course, defeat the point of a kindle.

Anyway. Point is, I reduced my bookshelf by A Lot – backlog busting is underway. I am at the point where I can put my books into my allocated suitcase and still have room for more (when I moved into this house I had four boxes and half a suitcase of books!). It’s a heavy suitcase, but still!

Now clothes – I didnt even realise how many clothes I even had! How many of them were clothes that I have grown out of and had clung onto in the expectation that I would get my waist and bust back down to the size I was when I was a a student and dancing four nights a week? The answer is – a lot. I realised, while sorting in Keep, Store, Charity, Sell piles that apart from my work clothes i wear the same core four or five outfits. So a pile of clothes that came to my waist when I started has become about 15 hanging items and a small pile of t-shirts and vest tops. I was agog.

I even went through all my old sketchbooks, pulling out the drawings that I wanted to keep and throwing out the rest of each sketchbook to save space.

Who am I!?!?!

My DVDs have been reduced – not by as much as I would have liked, but I went through a few months ago so I am not surprised. My craft items however have been eyed up and put aside for another day.

When I first told my housemate my aim was two suitcases she laughed for five minutes. I hoard. I always have. But actually? This move? A fairly good reason to give my stuff the Maire Kondo treatment rather than just storing stuff for the sake of keeping it!

I’m not quite there yet – as I said, the crafting will take some whittling down, but for the first time since I started this slow overhaul I don’t feel quite so overwhelmed!


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