Some thoughts on LUSH’s solid shampoo bars …

For most of my life, I have avoided LUSH for the simple reason that it gave me a headache – too many contrasting smells, my poor brain just couldn’t cope. Our high street LUSH at home was absolutely tiny, so it was very concentrated. Ergo, I never went in. My mum came up to visit me recently, and we ended up in LUSH.

We stayed for over an hour.

Apparently, in the bigger stores, once you’re past the bath bombs the overpowering smells aren’t quite so overpowering! It was … kinda fun actually! I’ve been trying to find ways of making plastic free and waste free substitutes that would be sustainable while I’m travelling, and I was able to ask all sorts of questions about things I didn’t know existed! Toothpaste tablets, for example.

In this trip, I found out about Shampoo Bars (I say found out, I knew about them abstractly – like, I read it in a blog post and promptly forgot). After some discussion with the salesperson about hair type, coloured hair and smells, I decided to give the Jason and The Argon Oils (Which I did not pick for the awesome Greek mythology pun. I didn’t!) a try. Apparently this is the best shampoo bar for coloured hair and mine is currently pink, a colour only natural in anime and Nymphadora Tonks. I also bought one of the handy little aluminium tins to store it in.

I’ve now had the shampoo bar for about … two months. And in that time, I have converted several others to the awesomeness that is shampoo bars (seriously, A and I went into this huge LUSH in London, she bought Honey I washed my hair I think). Guys, as dramatic as it may sound, solid shampoo bars are actually life changing. No more not realising you are nearly at the bottom of the bottle! No more ending up with way more shampoo than you need and no way to put it back in the bottle! No more bottles lining up like soldiers along the edge of the shower! Never again will I use bottled shampoo!

Ok, dramatic moment has been put back in its box. Onto the realistic aspects.

  1. Each shampoo bar is the equivalent of about three bottles of liquid shampoo, which makes me feel a little better about the £8.00 price tag. There are a range of bars, so if you are interested, you should have a discussion with a salesperson. I’ve had my bar for more than a few weeks now, and I think I’ve used about 20% – this will of course differ depending on the length and thickness of your hair. My hair is shoulder length and quite thick, and I wash my hair every other day.
  2. It’s super easy to use – you can either lather it up in your hands like you would bar soap, or (my preferred method) is lather it up directly on your hair, as you would bar soap against your body and then voila – wash your hair normally!
  3. It’s super light! I mean, seriously! It’s a disk of soap in a little aluminium tin that is just the right size for it. It’s a dream. I don’t have to worry about bottles taking up space, or leaking, or weight when I’m travelling, and that is one of the reasons I’ve embarked on an overhaul of my toiletries in the first place!
  4. No Plastic – when the bar is through, there’s nothing to throw away and no empty plastic bottles to lug around until a suitable disposable unit becomes available.
  5. All natural! Lush uses all environmentally friendly and ethically sourced ingredients, is committed to eliminating unnecessary plastic in packaging, and is anti-animal testing (and campaigns against animal testing in cosmetics). I’m a fan.

There are some negatives, but not many – and they are less negatives than adjustments – like bar soap, you have to let it air dry, which in my case means that my nice flannel has become the shampoo bar drying station because I keep forgetting to buy a soap dish. I’m at the point where it seems pointless anyhow, I’m off in six weeks. I also turn the bar over to make sure it’s all dry before I put it back in the tin. I would also not advise trying to open the tin with wet hands – easily overcome, open it before you get in the shower!

I haven’t tried the conditioner bars, but for the most part, I haven’t been using conditioner since my last bottle ran out before Christmas, so it’s cool, I’m less fussed about conditioner. I recently went back into Lush to ask about recommendations for bar soaps and tooth tabs. Tooth tabs currently being tried, but waiting for my bottle of Dove to run out before I embark on my new bar of Honey I washed the Kids. One of the other plus sides of Lush is that I will be able to easily restock on the road.

Seriously, I love their pun game. And bar shampoo. Would definitely recommend.



  1. I sometimes just dry mine on the t shirt I have just taken off before shower, then pop it back in the tin, I also have coloured hair but I must confess to using the lush seanik bar just because i love the smell but it seems okay on my coloured hair. While I like the lush conditioner bars, I recently tried the ethique ones and they were great, even better than lush but I still love my lush shampoo bar. Really awesome so many people are going plastic free.


    1. I improvised a dry flannel, and I put it on the flannel when I’m out, and come back an hour later to turn it over. Ive been trying to make a lot of plastic free changes to my life at a sustainable rate (basically staggering so they don’t all run out at once!) And changes that I will be able to maintain while I am travelling later this year. It’s been fun doing all the research, and I’m so glad there are so many options for choosing plastic free now!


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