Backlog busting

Given that I will be needing to pack up my bookshelf in its entirety in the next few weeks, I have realised that there is an actual bona fide time limit on the TBR book pile. These are the books I bought for reading groups I never went to, or picked up cheaply at charity shops, or (in the case of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine) books I have tried and tried and tried to read in various formats and am keeping out of determination to one day finish.

On my actual shelf, I have a set of such books. I’ve got the books I can’t bear to part with, and the ones I haven’t actually read yet. As much as I want to re-read Alice and ADSOM, I must restrain myself and read these. I think I’m going to try and read them in order because the mood reading has had these sitting here for years (in some cases).

Perhaps I should do that – if it hasn’t gripped me in 100 pages I need to DNF. I do have a tight turnaround for reading these after all… but I dislike doing that. Even when I don’t like a book I keep going! I know, I know, life’s to short to read books you don’t like – but (more often than not) I bought that! I’m going to finish it.

So my backlog busting promise to myself is that if I am not enamoured, I do not read. And these are the books I need to read

  1. A Room of Ones Own Virginia Woolf
  2. To The Lighthouse Virginia Woolf
  3. All the Light We Cannot See Anthony Doerr
  4. For the Most Beautiful Emily Hauser
  5. The Vagina Monologues Eve Ensler
  6. The Argonauts Maggie Nelson
  7. Swallows and Amazons Arthur Ransome
  8. A Week in December Sebastian Faulks
  9. The Secret Life of Bees Sue Monk Kidd
  10. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine **Side note for this one, this would clock attempt five to get past the first thirty pages, so not holding out much hope…
  11. I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings Maya Angelou
  12. The Colour Purple Alice Walker
  13. Wonderstruck Brian Selznick
  14. Nocturna Maya Motayne
  15. Alias Grace Margaret Atwood

I think that is more than enough to be getting on with, even if I do want to be re-reading other things (I caved and reread the long way to a small angry planet the other day and it is better than I remember it!)

I guess this is pretty prescriptive, so yay me!


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