I’m going on an Adventure!

Personal news! Now that I have told everyone who really needs to know in my face-to-face existence, I can tell you something I’ve been sitting on for a while now!

I’m going to New Zealand!!!!!

When I was in university, I went travelling around Europe and like so many other young people before me, I got bitten by the travel bug – hard. I wanted to go everywhere! I remember being distraught as a child to find out that Narnia and Bilbo Baggin’s Shire weren’t real, but being awestruck that the Amazon rainforest in The Journey to the River Sea did actually exist! I wanted to see as many places as I could read about (alas, some are not real so I can’t add them to the list).

I decided, earlier this year, that I was finally able to go travelling – so I’m off to New Zealand (and a short stop in Thailand on the way) so I suppose you could say that this blog is going on tour!

It’s been crazy the last few weeks – telling work (cry) and my friends and family and trying to consildate everything I own into storageable sizes. I’ve taken the opportunity to be perfectly ruthless with my bookshelf (I failed quite spectacularly, I’m still keeping about fifty odd books) and my DVD shelf is due to be decimated any day now. I knew, abstractly, how much craft stuff I had, but now I have to reduce the amount of stuff I have and it’s hard! I have piles of book art (quotes on old Shakespeare pages), and trinkets galore, and I don’t know why I have so many mugs when I use the same Beatles mug (beige with burgundy All You Need Is Love scrawled on the side) every day.

Hamlet, skulls and books page! 🙂

I’ve been a bit caught up in the admin of leaving the country and moving to another one on a working holiday visa, and the nice and feasible part of the admin has been an attempt to transfer my library favourites onto my kindle, so I don’t miss out on any of the Shades of Magic series, or A Long Way To A Small Angry Planet, or any other books I adore while I am gone. I also have a To Read list some fifty books strong, so I suppose you could say this blog is going on tour! I’ll be reading fantasy in New Zealand, on coaches and on adventures!

As part of this sudden turn, I am reorganising this blog – for starters, there will be A Lot More travel-related content! I’ve promised my parents/family/friends etc that I will be updating this blog with all my travels and photos, so everyone can keep up with where I am, even when I scarcely know myself! I’m gonna keep reading too, lets be honest. A whole year without the written word? Doesn’t bear thinking about. I’m going to be making some site updates, like the name. JustMe is all very well and good for the blog domain and will still offically be the name of this blog, but I am thinking of changing the “title” section to be Adventures of a Travelling Bibliophile or Adventures of a travelling Book Dragon. Which do you prefer? Comment below!

I’m very excited, and very nervous, and I seem to have decided to focus on knitting up a storm rather than reading! I have a pile of books that I have had for eons and need to just read already that includes Alias Grace, Wonderstruck, The Vagina Monologues, and Swallows and Amazons amongst about ten others. So, of course, I have been re-reading the long way to a small angry planet instead. Doing well!

Counting down to adventuring!


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