Fierce Fairytales: Poems and stories to stir your soul (Nikita Gill)

I’ll hold my hands up and say that I am not one for poetry, and that I have no idea how to review this collection of fairytale-based poems by Nikita Gill. I borrowed this from a friend becasue I liked the cover when I was being nosy and admiring her bookshelf, not because I have any affinity with poetry!

Title: Fierce Fairytales
Author: Nikita Gill
Format: Hardback
Pages: 176

This is a collection of poems based on fairytales, whether it be themes or characters or stories. As an avid, card-holding member of the Fairytale Fan Club, I was curious to see how this would go. I was pleasantly suprised!That is not to say that I enjoyed all of the poems, I didn’t. I enjoyed some formats, and I was ambivalent towards others, but I really enjoyed the range of styles and formats. Some of them were prose based, others mere lines long and I liked the variation.

I do have some favourites in the collection already, just from reading through once, and I feel inspired to turn my favourite stanzas into bookmarks or postcards because they called out to me. I think my favourite poem was one of the first in the collection – called Once Upon A Time II, with special mentions going to Why Tinkerbell Left Anger Management and there are a few lines in Difficult Damsels that had me putting down my book and raising my hands!

These are girls made of dark lace

and witchcraft and a little bit of vice.”

Difficult Damsels – Nikita Gill – Fierce Fairytales

There are illustrations the whole way through, bold line drawings that I absolutely adored (but have not taken pictures to share because I don’t want to tempt copyright). The pictures seemed as much a part of the poem as the words were for the most part, and the illustrator in me was also incredibly excited.

Ok, I have no ideas as to how poem reviews go – I liked the illustrations and I liked the variation and there are some bits of various poems that have lodged themselves into my brain and fairytales. I would recommend this collection, and I would happily read the poems I enjoyed again, even if there are poems I would skate over. I have half a dozen photos of my favourite poems and illustrations and you know what, I really did enjoy this collection. I can’t say I’m suddenly itching to devour poetry, but it was fun to read something different!

P.S I just found out that Nikita Gill will be releasing a new collection called Great Goddesses, based on the women in Greek mythology and yup I want that one too!


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