Evermore (Sarah Holland, Everless #2)

Around about this time last year, I was pleasantly surprised by Everless, and now this time this year, I realised I forgot a good 90% of the details and honestly that makes reading sequels so much harder! Also, this is a duology! I am glad. Too many trilogies knocking about… Anyway, Evermore is the sequel/conclusion/resolution to Everless, by Sarah Holland.

In Everless, Jules found out that she was one half of the mythological enemies locked in a fight that has apparently been happening for eons- she is the Alchemist, and she can control time. In this world, time lives in blood, and while the rich live for centuries the poor bleed for scant hours of time. Into this world, Jules learns that the stories of the Sorceress and the Alchemist are not as they might seem, travelling back through her past lives of the Alchemist in the hope of ending this battle once and for all. Oh, and she may have a crush on the nerdy rich boy helping her…

Apart from the awesome premise that time is literally money in this kingdom, and that Jules is the Alchemist – I had near enough forgotten everything else, which made starting Evermore when I found it in the local library a little confusing. Who is Ina? Who is Caro? Oh, ok, Caro is the Sorceress, got it. WHO IS THIS DUDE? ….But I got there! by halfway through, about half an hour in my journey to London, I had figured what was going on. I remember really enjoying Everless, and being surprised that I enjoyed it, but while I enjoyed Evermore well enough, I’m not sure I could straight out say I enjoyed it.

I liked that Jules exists as a person in point of time, but that her memories are made up of lives lived over lifetimes and that she slips between times. I also like that she is very stubborn, and is determined not to let Liam tell her what she should do just because he’s been studying the Alchemist – he may have studied it, but she’s a human being not a history book. However, I wasn’t sure about some of the plotting- it was good but it felt a little….I’m not sure, hurried? I was completely ambivalent towards the romance sub-plot, but GOOD NEWS! No cheesy love triangle, which is always a tick in the yes box in my opinion.

The biggest issue I had was the ending – I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I felt like it just ended, but also that it ended pretty well? I am finding it very hard to review this – because I enjoyed the premise, I enjoyed the idea of the ending – but at the same time I felt the ending was extremely anticlimactic and I wasn’t all that sad to finish the book. I had no sense of satisfaction at ending, I just closed the book and went “cool, off to see my friend now and Hamilton later.” and promptly didn’t think about the book again to lament the fact that I had finished the entire book on one trip to London when I had hoped it would last both.

Apologies for the scatty nature of this review, but I think the all out summary is – was good, but not amazing, and has not made me want to think about it.


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