Illama drama!

No new book post this week, because I have been super busy knitting ‘just because’ gifts for the people I sit with at work!

Meet the Illama Army!

The pattern is from a knitting magazine I bought ages ago. I’ve been hanging on with posting this because I only gifted them today – not that I think any of my work friends read my blog, but eh, it’s been my fun little project. It’s taken me about a month to make nine. The one with a scarf was for my mum.

(Here they are doing the boy band pose)

I picked the colour for each Illama/alpaca colours picked based on colours associated. For example, the colleague that always wears a yellow jumper has a yellow Illama!

So, forgive the lack of bookish posts this week! I’m currently listening to Spinning Silver, by Naomi Novik, and I’m about to start American Gods and I also have an arc of One Word Kill by Mark Lawrence which is a no longer advance as the book released this week I think, so I need to get on with that as well!



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