The Dark Vault (V.E.Schwab)

Yey! Another Queen V! This one is a duology that has been rebound and reprinted into a single volume. The first book is called The Archive, the second The Unbound (plus a bonus short story which was quite funny because it picks up a joke in The Unbound and finishes it) (my sense of completeness is satisfied).

Title: The Dark Vault

Author: V.E.Schwab

Format: Library paperback

It’s a normal world and Mackenzie is a normal girl. Except she’s actually a Keeper for the Archive, where the dead lay sleeping and her role is to Return them when they wake. In a new city, with a fractured family, Mackensize is finding it harder to keep her two lives separate; she befriends a fellow Keeper, and the Histories (dead people with stories to tell) are waking up.

I really enjoyed The Archived, although it was entirely predictable. It was a fun, short read and I did enjoy it. I found it a little harder to get into The Unbound, because it was very similar in structure to the first book, and I think reading them back to back dampened my enthusiasm a bit (not to mention I’ve been absolutely exhausted recently and in the process of making/planning a huge project). That being said, I preferred some of the characters in the second book to the first. I feel that Wes really gets a bit more interesting, and some of the other kids at Mac’s school are cool, not to mention the crazy conspiracy going on.

The premise was really cool – you can read lives on a body, and the dead are stories sleeping ect – it was really quite cool. I liked the main character’s and I really like Roland, the Librarian in the Archive. He was great.

By the end of the book, I was enjoying it again, but I have fallen into that trap of comparing it to the other V.E.Schwab books. In truth, I only read this because Queen V wrote it. If it wasn’t an author I was head over heels for I probably wouldn’t have picked it up. Younger me would have straight up adored this, so it’s a shame I’ve come to it after ADSOM and the villains because I was subconsciously comparing it. I was surprised by how predictable it was (right up until the end of Unbound, that was a “fun” ending) but I did enjoy it well enough.


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