A pot of Potters – October in Review

Hello all! Happy November. Following my little blog hiatus, this post is basically gonna be some Harry Potter, pretty lake pictures and my new book policy!

The literary adventures of a lakeside Bea

At the beginning of the month, I went to the Lake District – Windermere to be precise. I wanted to do some walking, see some Beatrix Potter exhibits, read and draw. I successfully managed to do all of the aforementioned list. I went to Hill Top, Potter’s home where she farmed and became an expert in a a certain kind of sheep breeding. I also went to an exhibition in Ambleside which had loads of her mycology paintings from before Peter Rabbit. She was quite the scientist and way cooler than that Renee Zelleger movie portrays her! I also saw the Daffodil Walk next to the Wordsworths graveyard in Grasmere and while it wasn’t full of daffodils (being early autumn) it was really lovely.

rom ‘Mr and Mrs Dursely of number four Privet Drive…’ (and not quite to) ‘All was well.’

I was hoping to reread the complete Harry Potter Series ahead of the new Fantastic Beasts movie later this month. However, I was only able to get as far as Order of the Phoenix within the month. I’ll just say that I am enjoying myself immensely, and that when I have finished all seven I’m going to a post talking about how I’d forgotten how sassy Harry is, how Lupin is truly awesome and how Harry isn’t actually as oblivious sometimes as you think he is (just most of the time).


I had Jane Austen at Home by Lucy Worsley out from the library this month. My post can be found here.

Doctor Who has started

But I may need to turn this fangirl into its own post, at the midpoint of the series. So, next Monday anyone?

Christmas Crafting and Audiobooks

Christmas is rapidly approaching so I’ve been spending a lot of my reading time doing knitting and drawing, trying to make all the Christmas gifts and craft fair makes in time. I have started listening to Mythos by Stephen Fry on audio book to accompany my knitting and it’s been great fun – he really knows how to spin a yarn does Stephen Fry.

New shelf policy

My books take up a lot of space, so part of my October has been de-listing books from my TBR and being far more selective about the books I purchase. I’ve been successfully making use of the library recently, and I’m going to start adding in a little list at the start of my review post with the title/author/format and where it’s from.

Remember, Remember – it’s November!

Brushing aside the fact it is already November (?!) I have another pretty busy month. The Christmas gift preparation will be continuing but I have about 13 hours left of Mythos and also Eleanor Oliphant so maybe I’ll actually get reading/listening to that…

November TBR

I’m going to try and not be too optimistic in November, and restrict my reading to one per week. I’m still finishing the Harry Potter Series after all!


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