Reading lists, knitting and Christmas approaches!

It may seem far too early to be thinking about Christmas gifts, but as I am making them all this year, I’m a little worried I’m starting too late! I have been quite happily knitting in my lunch hour, or while watching Pointless before dinner or any other spare five minutes really. Unfortunately these are all periods of time where I would usually be reading.

Personally I find it awfully difficult balancing two knitting needles, contrasting balls of yarn, a pattern and a book. I don’t have enough arms for that, or enough tabs open in my brain to compute a new pattern and a new story!

The number of books I’ve read recently has fallen quite sharply. My work- orientated brain is a little curious as to what my reading productivity would look like over the year… but I already have too many projects on, I’m not mapping out my reading for the year. I did make a list of all the books I own, through kindle and shelves, and the books that I have left to read. It’s a long list…

I currently have two books out of the library, two books borrowed from the share-shelf at work, and about 30 that are waiting to be read on my shelves and kindle. I’m determined to read as much as I can before the end of the calendar year! But I also have at least two knitting projects currently on the needles and a sewing project in the planning stages.

I’ve also started life drawing classes! I love drawing and I want to get better at drawing things from real life not pictures so that’s been really fun. I keep meaning to do some painting as well – when my time turner arrives from Professor McGonagall, that’s on the list of things I’ll be doing.

Basically, I’ve been a bit of a busy bee and this blog has been put on the back burner while I try and keep to my schedule for my on going projects. I’m going on holiday soon, and I want to do walking, reading and painting while I’m away. It’s going to be bliss. I’ll take my knitting too.

I swear that whenever I write a post saying that I’m going to be going a bit quieter over the next x weeks, the weeks following usually have a flurry of new books and reviews and suddenly my blog is more active. Reverse psychology, it must be. I reverse psychologist myself into reading more? I mean, not a totally crazy suggestion.

Anyway, this post is titled reading lists, knitting and Christmas and really, I have a little collection of reading lists going. I have the list of Things I Want to Re-Read, the Classics Revisited, the Library Books I want To Take Out, the Books on My TBR Shelf, the Books on My Kindle – I’m all listed out. Sod it, I’m mood reading from here on out, it’s worked so far!


Reading: The Underground Railroad, Passenger

Watching: Killing Eve; Doctor Who (S10)

Knitting: scarf; blanket; alpaca



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