Five Series I have yet to finish… and quite possibly never will

I love series, but sometimes, the second book lull actually turns into ‘I’ve had the third/whatever number book waiting and just haven’t gotten round to it yet’. It’s quite possible that I never will. I dislike leaving things unfinished – it takes an awful lot for me to abandon a book properly. In fact, I think I’ve only abandoned two this past year. I prefer to battle through books so I can give a thorough review of why I didn’t like it. However, The Gap of Time and The Name of the Wind were two I just couldn’t get through despite trying.

Five series I have yet to finish…and quite possibly never will

Monsters of Men
Patrick Ness

I absolutely loved Patrick Ness’s A Monster Calls, and I enjoyed the first two parts of the Monsters of Men series well enough. It’s written in voice, in a world where men’s thoughts can be heard, but women’s can’t. It’s pure sci-fi and it’s really, really good. However, it’s also really, really long, and by the time I got to the end of the second book, I thought I deserved a break before starting book three….that was about eight months ago. Now that it’s been a while since I’ve read the first two, I’m a little disinclined to try reading the third, but it’s sat on my shelf just in case.

Already read in the series: The Knife of Never Letting Go, The Ask and the Answer

The Lunar Chronicles
Marissa Meyer

Finishing this series is less to do with a lack of inclination and more to do with the fact that I can’t find Winter (The fourth instalment – the Snow White of the series) in my county library. As much as I like this series of re-imagined fairytales where Cinderella is a cyborg and Red Riding Hood’s wolf is genetically re-engineered human-wolf and Rapunzel lived is a hacker orbiting Earth, I don’t think I want to own all the books while I still have limited bookshelf space. I’m still holding out hope the Library won’t fail me. There are also two books connected to the series that I want to read once I’ve finished the main four.

Already read in the series: Cinder, Scarlett, Cress

Smoke and Bone
Lani Taylor

The Daughter of Smoke and Bone is a Romeo and Juliet series, where a devil falls in love with an angel and the start of the book is sixteen years after that story ended disastrously. At the end of the second book, the two warring races have come to a tentative agreement, but I never picked up the third. While I can guess how this story ends, I don’t actually know. The third book is on my kindle, so I think I’m saving it for a long trip… I don’t actually know. I have little motivation to read further if I’m honest, which is a shame, because I did enjoy the first two.

The Maze Runner
James Dashner

I read the first book in 2014 on a ferry from Spain. I read it because my friend had just finished it, and I had long finished the three books I had taken on the trip and I was contemplating buying one of the few books available in the gift shop. I enjoyed the book, and I enjoyed the film adaptation, but I never thought about picking up the rest of the trilogy. I read the book because it was there when I wanted to read, but once I was back with my own bookshelf again, any thoughts I might have had about carrying on with the Scorch Trials ect disappeared with the ferry.

A Song of Ice and Fire
George R.R Martins

Potentially controversial, but I have only read the first Game of Thrones book – I have also seen the first series. When it started getting super hyped up, I didn’t really get into it, and now I feel overwhelmingly like this entire series has passed me by. I know what is happening in Westeros, I know more fan theories than I care too, but I haven’t read the books or seen much of the TV show – and I think that’s why I haven’t carried on reading. I already know what happens. There’s nothing for me to look forward to. I do want to try again with the Game of Thrones thing, but I’ll be honest, my TBR list is so long right now I’m not sure I want to think about this series.

I also have no intentions of carrying on with Outlander and many other books, but it’s hard trying to get back into a series when you’ve left it for a while. That in itself is the main reason I like to buy whole series once the last book has been released – then I don’t have to wait a year to find out what happens next, I can just buy the next one straight off.

Any series you put a pin in, and forgot to take the pin out?



  1. That’s funny that you said that about Outlander. I love to read something before I watch its adaptation but there’s so many in that series and it would literally take me forever, LoL. Although, I do love the tv show.

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    1. I wasn’t a fan of the Outlander book, it was long and having watched the series first there wasn’t much point in reading. My blog post for Outlander was basically at least if I’m watching I get to SEE the Scottish highlands! There’s 800 plus pages just in the first book and there are so.many.books.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know. There’s absolutely no way I would ever get to read anything else ever again if I tried reading those books. I am such a slow reader that I probably be 100 years old and still have more in the series to finish reading, lol.


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