Five books for holiday reading

I’m off on holiday next week, so I’m not sure how often I will be posting while I’m away. I’ve had to relegate reading to the back burner while I make lists for what I am taking and panic when I realise I am missing things like universal plug sockets! I’ve been trying to decide which clothes to take with me, and it’s made me glad I’m taking my kindle so I’ll have plenty of choice for reading while I’m away from my beloved bookshelf. I’ve been googling independent bookstores and libraries and the like for when I am away so hopefully I’ll be able to prove that I am bookish wherever I go, not just when I’m at home.

Despite the 100+ books on my kindle I have decided to try and plan a few reads… Or at least a few rereads! I have a couple of long flights and a couple of long train journeys. If I’m not sleeping I expect I’ll be reading!

Five books for holiday reading

A darker shade of magic by V.E.SCHWAB

I have a copy of ADSOM on my kindle, and I have been wanting to reread the series for ages! If you’re new here, you may not be aware of the marvel that is ADSOM. Let me enlighten you. It’s my favourite book series, I talk about it a lot. It has magic, multiple universes, worrywart semi-rebellious magical princes and a knife wielding cross dressing London thief. Not sure I’m selling it in my one line wonder, find my review here!

Basically I love it and any excuse for a reread!

An ember in the ashes by Sabaa Tahir

I have to admit I forgot this was on my kindle before I went on to see if I needed to add anything to my collection as bookish holiday prep (I don’t, I have over 40 books in my TBR file on my kindle). As I forgot, it’s a nice surprise, I can’t remember what it’s about but it’s on my holiday list now.

Ash by Malinda Lo

Apparently this is a mid grade Cinderella novel with lesbians. I’ve been saving it for my holiday.

Lincoln in the bardo by George Saunders

Man Booker prize winner 2017 – been on my kindle for a while and I should probably get round to it asap. But I have to admit this is behind some of the others on the list… if its too literary I’ll probably abort till I’m back.

Persuasion by Jane Austen

Annual reread of my favourite Austen! I may take my paperback copy of this one – it’s really small and adorable and so won’t weigh that much.

Sorry for the short post today! I’m quickly writing on my phone while dinner cooks, then I have to go back to searching for my kindle charger and also my travel pencil case…



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