Five Steps to Reading on Sunny Days

I’m being frightfully British now, and posting about the weather. It’s a novelty, you see. We have had four whole days of sunshine in a row (with only one nighttime spent raining) which means four whole evenings spent reading in garden. Although, I actually caught the flu, so yesterday (what had promised to be a gorgeous Saturday spent lounging and reading) was spent with the windows open while I napped. Same difference.

So, with no further ado, I present to you, Bea’s five steps to reading on sunny days!

Step 1: Preparation is KEY.

Step one involves digging out blankets and cushions that can be used outside. It also involves finding a sealed bottle, and putting water in the freezer for later.

It is also recommended that you check the weather forecast and put sunscreen on regardless.

Step 2: Select the Book

Presumably the book selected in the current Work In Progress – however, if you will be selecting something new, try to find something that sounds exciting and adventurous. It is sunny after all!

Over the last few evenings I read Circe (post up Tuesday) and Everything Leads to You (Post Thursday) so I’ve had Greek Mythology reimaginings, and contemporary YA romance. Good lighthearted mix for sunny afternoons.

Step 3: Start reading, only to realise you forgot something

This stage involves settling into your outside reading space, shifting until you are comfortable, opening the book to squint at the crazy bright page. And then you realise – you forgot your sunglasses! So you get up to find them only to realise that your sister “borrowed” them last time she was over, so you will never see them again. Then you pick your book up again, and try again, having set the book above your head to avoid glare.

Bonus points if you have a habit of dropping the book on your face. Extra if it’s a hardback.

Step 4: Swat flies, huff at ants crawling across your page, flinch when you hear the buzzing of bees and find yourself just generally uncomfortable 

Here it starts – you can’t quite get comfortable. You have to keep shuffling because the ground is really hard despite the deceptively overgrown green grass (you should probably think about cutting it… thought checked off). Bugs keep crawling over your towel. Personally, I don’t mind until they start crawling over me too. And then you realise that while setting up near the flowers makes for a nice aesthetic, its lunch time for bees and they keep flying into your face like you might hold the nectar of the gods.

Step 5: Give up and go back indoors with the windows open to at least pretend you are “at one with nature”

This is it – you’ve had enough of the bugs, the bees in your face, the glare is giving you a headache and your back hurts. But there is a nice sofa with cushions calling you, and it’s right next to the window so it’s practically outside anyway….

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