Five…Bookish Crafts I have Planned for Spring

I love books, and I love knitting/sewing/painting/writing, so I have decided to combine two of my absolute favourite things, and do some Bookish Crafting! Reading in the sunshine makes my eyes hurt, so I have decided to see how I feel about audiobooks, and in Spring, I aim to soak up some Vitamin D while listening to a book and knitting.

I like having my books surrounded by things I’ve made. That idea that something can be created from nothing all mixed in. Books are worlds created from 26 letters in different combinations, knitting is creating something from a piece of string, dressmaking is taking something flat and giving it shape, patchworking is taking different elements and giving it life. To me, all of these are magic. They are all creations and they are all exciting.


I’m the sort of person who folds the corners on the pages (*ducks*) or, if the book belongs to someone else – say the library – then I use whatever is closest to hand as a bookmark. At present, my bookmark is the tag from a Harry Potter t-shirt I was bought for Christmas. In the past, I have used receipts, tickets, pieces of string – or else I try not to require a bookmark and read till my eyes go dry. But, I do want some pretty bookmarks.

I have two sets of bookmarks planned – one will be card-based, rectangular strips with my favourite bookish quotes on them. I am taking suggestions on the quotes and I have my watercolours all set to make them! Any favourite bookish quotes you think I should be including? The second planned set are elastic bookmarks, like strips of rectangle elastic that you loop over the page and the front/back of the book so you can’t easily lose the bookmark and the place. I’m still puzzling the design for these ones. I’m thinking of doing some minimalistic stuff on them. I confess I was inspired to try my hand at elastic bookmarks by my colleagues amazing set of felt and elastic bookmarks.

Laptop Bag

I like taking my laptop out to cafes to write, like the walking stereotype I am. But, my laptop doesn’t fit nicely in any of my bags. As the weather is getting brighter, and we are significantly more likely to retreat further for writing, I am determined to make myself a bright, spring patterned carry bag big enough to fit my laptop, notebook and purse. I have lots of bright coloured scraps of fabric from other patchworking projects, and now I have written it here, I am determined to have a post in two months time titled The Five Bookish Crafts I achieved. Jury is out as to whether that will be achieved or not!

Kindle Case

I have a hardcover case on my kindle, but I want a little padded bag to put my kindle in, for when I go travelling, to add an extra layer to the case for bumps and so forth. Again, I have options. I might crochet one, I might knit a fair isle pattern, I might use up some more fabric for patchworking. The possibilities are endless. At the end, I should have a swanky little kindle cover.

I am fully expecting that I will make more than one kindle cover, through no other reason than I can be indecisive when it comes to which fabric to use!

Soft book covers

In my the same vein as the kindle covers, I want to make a set of reversible fabric book covers, so that whatever paperback book I have in my bag is a little protected from the toils of being in my handbag. I have lots of really bright colours and patterns, and I’m thinking of embroidery or applique. I would say I’d sew some quotes on, but I’m not sure my eagerness for the finished cover will stretch to a whole quote!

Bookish Buddies

I love knitting soft toys. I have unicorns and aardvarks and I’ve recently sewn together an elephant. Two of my knitted buddies are on my desk at work, the others are Book Guardians. Bloonicorn sits atop my TBR pile on my bedside table, and I’m trying to decide where Nellie the Elephant will be based. I have plans to make a giraffe, and an Easter Bunny. I also really want to make a dinosaur or a dragon, for all the fantasy elements on my shelf!

I am also determined to make myself a summer dress or two, using up some of the larger pieces of fabric I own. I might have a skirt with aeroplanes on, or a t-shirt bedecked with anchors. I’m also going to be knitting a babygrow for a friends baby and if I start now I might be able to finish a jumper before my younger brothers next growth spurt!

We can’t always read. As much as I enjoy curling up with a hot chocolate and my knitted throws with fluffy socks on and a really good book, I can’t do that all the time. I knit while I watch television, because I can’t sit with my hands still. I’m looking forward to the sunny weather, because it means gardens not screens, benches in parks. I should also add to this list that I need a project bag – so I can make my knitting portable and keep my yarn balls away from each other!


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