Readng slumps and Holby City!

I’ve got two ok, not great books on the go – one on my kindle, one in paperback. But I’m crawling through these books rather than diving in and devouring hundreds of pages in one sitting. So, in nearly a month, I’ve read hardly anything. It’s official. I’m in a slump.

Reading slumps can be useful though, I won’t lie. I mean, in the weeks I haven’t been gobbling the written word, I’ve knitted half a blanket and nearly caught up on Holby City. Of course, I could blame Holby for the slump. Watching TV and reading divide the attention far too much to be productive. And as I’m still getting used to working full time rather than studying full time, the TV is far easier for my tired brain.

Also – I love Holby. I used to watch it as a kid, but I recently found out Jemma Redgrave was in the show alongside Catherine Russell back when I was doing my essays and dissertation and could barely remember my own name half the time let alone what was happening on a show I watched as an adolescent. But, Bernie and Serena and the AAU gang are just awesome, and if I get one soap-like drama, then I choose Holby (Still can’t believe Ric Griffin is still in this show, and that I just missed Elliot Hope leaving – like, wow, they were just arriving when I started back in the noughties!). So, knitting while watching Holby City. It’s been pretty relaxing actually.

Despite my apparent reading slump, I have loads of books on my kindle, new books – whole series I bought on special offer when Amazon was being kind and I am wondering if maybe it’s only a slump because the two books I am reading (All the Birds in the Sky, and The Bone Season) haven’t captured my attention completely. My bookish side is currently having a heated discussion with itself – one part of Bookish Bea wants to give up and see if another book makes a difference, the other part of Bookish Bea is adamant that I have to finish the two I have started before I get to start a new one. Considering I stopped reading the Bone Season because I was getting increasingly annoyed with the ridiculous romance sub-plot that I saw coming a mile off but also sprang up out of nowhere, I’m not sure I’m ever going to finish. I was at this stage with The Name of the Wind. Ended up consigning it to the Did Not Finish pile huffing at how bloody annoying Kvothe is. I want to finish Bone Season, but I’m not in the right mood for annoying heterosexual romance.

As for All the Birds in the Sky, I genuinely have no idea what is happening and not in the “oh this is exciting I can’t wait to find out more” way. Actually, I think I may have to stop, wait a month and try again. Reading this one in drips and drabs when on buses or coaches or trains isn’t helping – I can’t seem to hold the (peculiar) narrative in my head. But it’s good, it’s well written, I just don’t have the patience for it right now, so I’ll settle into work a bit more and try again at a later date.

Somehow, in writing this blog post, Bookish Bea has tipped the balance away from “you must finish these two books NOW” to “You know what? Maybe starting the Grishaverse will get you reading again”.

Either way, this month is a write off book wise, but then, I did start working properly, I have done a lot of crafty goodness and I have finished my dissertation in it’s entirety which is AWESOME, so I can’t really blame this month for being a bit rubbish book wise.

Here’s to next month being a bit better reading wise!

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