July Wrap Up

It’s been an exciting month! I’ve moved, finished the first draft of my dissertation and am into the editing stage, and I am starting a new job tomorrow! I have also read eight books and watched many, many episodes of Green Wing!

And the Mountains Echoed by Khaleed Hosseni

A story about siblings Abdullah and Pari and the people who intersected with their separate lives over several decades. 

An excellent book by Hosseni again, but not my favourite. There were a lot of characters and it could be hard to keep track of who was who and why they were important. It was an interesting study in the web of peoples lives.



The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

“The Circus arrives without warning”, a monochrome, magical splash on the landscape, a circus that opens only at night. At the centre of this circus is a magical competition between two apprentices, the circus their battle ground. It is a magical, whimsical tale about the Circus over a period of time and its endurance. 

After the emotional whacking, I really enjoyed the whimsical nature of The Night Circus and the magic and the passion and I didn’t get annoyed at the love story which is unusual.

A Long Way To A Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers

A fantastic sci fi novel about the interspecies crew of the tunnelling ship The Wayfarer in their mission to punch a wormhole through to unchartered space. 

I absolutely adored this book, it was about inclusivity and had understandable sci fi (like the solution to one problem simply ‘turn it off and back on again’), and the characters were simply wonderful. This is my book of the month!



The Rebel of The Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

Amani is a young woman with an impeccable aim and a desperation to get away from her dusty backwater village in the desert. She enters a gun competition, up against a Foreigner. When they save each others life, he gives her the chance to run. They enter the desert, and a rebellion, where demijin have powers and Amani finds out a few things about herself and about her companion.

A little bit Arabian Nights and a really enjoyable read about magic and demijin and ruthless sultans and gender discrimination proving everyone wrong.


The Rest Of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

What happens to all of those who aren’t ‘the chosen ones’ when the aliens or the vampires or the weird glowing things come to town? They keep on living, rolling their eyes at the drama and dealing with much more pressing matters like graduating, asking their crush to go to prom, your best friend being the god of cats.

I’m working my way through the Patrick Ness books! This one was an incredibly interesting concept, quite an easy read, I enjoyed the very matter of fact discussion about mental health problems and also that the Chosen Ones are called “indie kids”.

A Conjuring of Magic (Shade of Magic #3) by V.E.Schwab

The final in the Shades of Magic series: White London has fallen. Red is next. Kell and Lila have to join forces with Alucard and Holland to overcome the pure corrupted magic of the Shadow King. 

I have loved this whole series and honestly the ending was so good and I loved it, I really really loved this whole series. Recommend!



The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness

Todd and Viola made it to Haven, but it wasn’t the safe place they thought it would be. It’s now New Prentisstown and Mayor Prentiss has plans. Viola and Todd are separated and their fear for the others life keeps them in line. But who can they trust in this new world?

Second book in the Chaos Walking series, not quite as good as the first though which was a shame. Looking forward to the third book though.


Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Tristan Thorn lives in the village of Wall, a boy who doesn’t quite fit. He doesn’t know that he was born on the other side, in the realm of Faerie. He is simply a young man in love with Victoria and hoping to prove it to her. When they see a star fall, he crosses into Faerie to collect the star and prove his love. The star however, has a lot more to say than he was expecting. 

I loved the movie, and I loved the book even more and honestly it’s such a magically weird book.


My top recommend for this month is definitely A Long Way To A Small Angry Planet, if that’s the only one you read from this list! I have a lot of books on my kindle to read and quite a few on the shelf that need reading so of course I’m going to re-read Sense and Sensibility first :).


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