Fangirling over Diana Prince: A review of Wonder Woman (2017)

I’ve finally seen Wonder Woman! I say finally because I have been eagerly anticipating this film since Christmas, but my crazy library-caffeine schedule meant that I simply haven’t had the time. I have been diligently avoiding spoilers and reviews and so I went in with a heart ready to fall in love with Gal Gadot. And fall in love I did.

Wonder Woman was amazing. It’s currently at film of the year position on my private list, up with Hidden Figures and we know how much I enjoyed that movie! I love that Diana comes from a society of women, I love that she isn’t operating within the expectations of a male dominated society (as, unfortunately, my beautiful Peggy Carter has to). She doesn’t try and look pretty while doing things, she just does them. She wants to protect and she wants is young and idealistic. I love her.

But being strong, and badass and a legitimate Amazonian trained warrior doesn’t stop her from being excited to see a baby, or wanting to stop to help a child find his mother. Often in movies, in order to be “feminist” a woman has to act like a man. She has to give up the desire for pretty things, for female companionship, for children. I’m not saying this isn’t feminist, it’s just a stereotype of what feminism is. Diana Prince sees a baby and she goes “baby!” and Steve Trevor has to pull her away. She is confident in her abilities, she loves and protects fiercely and that is why I am in love with Diana Price. There are a lot of other reasons, but that’s the main one.

Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine: another Chris?!) was a pretty awesome sidekick. He has a very dry sense of humour, but he also doesn’t judge Diana for not knowing anything about his world. He tries to see it her way. She believes in Ares? Alright then, they’re hunting Ares. Also – I like how they explicitly acknowledge that Chris Pine is a beautiful human specimen with and exchange where Diana asks Steve if he is an average example of his species (men) and his reply is a somewhat halting, “I am above average”. Like, thank you for acknowledging that not all men look like Chris Pine (pity). They do the same for Diana later.

Etta. I love Etta. She is wonderful, and quirky and she is a direct contrast for the audience: Etta is of this world prior to the vote. She talks about principles and getting the vote and she is smiley and she is happy whenever she hears from Steve because it lets her know he is still alive. She may be his secretary, but I’d wager Etta considerers herself his family. We don’t know if he has a family, but he has Etta worrying about him, and willing to help with this strange woman and I just adore Etta.

I can’t do spoilers, that’s like, a rule on this blog. So! I will say: If you have watched it, THE BOAT SCENE HAD ME LAUGHING FOR DAYS. If you haven’t seen it, message me once you’ve seen the boat scene. I loved how awkward it was, and way more importantly, how it was actually a very feminist moment that may have got lost in the amusement factor, when Diana is talking about pleasure. One thing I liked about this scene was how it showcased two very different cultures

The main plot twist at the end had me O.0 and I came out of that movie desperate for more, incredibly in love with Diana Prince and feeling like I could take on the world. Is that how men feel, coming out of a superhero movie? Like they have righteousness on their side and can take on anything? No wonder they keep women as sidekicks or sexy bad guys if one superhero movie has made us feel so empowered!

Sorry Peggy, I have a new superhero crush now, but you will always be close to my heart (I want a cross-over where Diana Prince meets Peggy Carter in the second world war – it would be AWESOME)

I’d better go, I am still writing my dissertation amongst job hunting and moving and it’s all a bit chaotic so I am afraid my book reviews will be few and far between. I am currently reading (and watching) The Handmaids Tale and The Power so they should be up soon!

Comment your opinions of Wonder Woman below! I’d love to hear other people’s favourite moments or what they loved about the movie. I’m trying to convince my uni newspaper to let me write a “reactions” piece to Wonder Woman and it would be fabulous to have some other opinions in!

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