Review: The Girl In Between

This is a kindle free book, and it sounded pretty interesting so I thought I’d give it a try. It’s kinda paranormal, which isn’t usually first choice but it’s free and sounds like it might be good, so, who am I to fight that?

Apparently there are two covers. As a kindle, I get the title and its not that pretty so I’ll add the goodreads cover (left) and the amazon cover (right) (So apparently the pictures didn’t load so this is an updated post)

Bryn, one of two main characters, has Klein-Levin Syndrome – more colloquially known as Sleeping Beauty syndrome. Sometimes she will sleep for days, weeks, even months on end. Except when she is asleep, Bryn moves to a place made up of her memories. Her doctors call it a dreamscape, something her mind conjured to deal with her condition. Bryn isn’t so sure. Then. One day, someone else arrives in her dreams. A boy. And from that point, Bryn’s symptoms are worsening. She’s hallucinating, spending more time in her dreams with the boy. Her only hope of actually getting through school and going to college is in the experimental new treatment by a German specialist who may know more about her peculiar symptoms that he lets on.

The story is told from the first person as Bryn tries to negotiate her illness, school, homework, friends, ex-boyfriends, an emotionally wrought family, and aiming for college and independence. She slips from waking to dreaming and snippets of her memories make up this strange alternate world. The narration sometimes switches to the nameless boy in her dreams – he lost his memories, and while Bryn is awake, he has to navigate the temperamental dreamscape without her. And there’s something lurking in the shadows.

The flipping narration can be a little confusing for the first few times it happens, but the chapters from Bryn’s POV are labelled, and the ones from mysterious amnesic boy are not if that helps. This is the first of a series, which means it doesn’t properly end and there are many answers not given. And while the first is free, the subsequent books aren’t and while it was a good-not-great book, I have little to no emotional attachment to continuing the series.

Bryn is a teenager and that much is clear. The grandmother knows more than she is letting on and is incredibly cryptic and obsessed with flowers. The hallucinations are sometimes described excellently, and at other times it takes me a few seconds to work out its a hallucination which may be on purpose. It’s a holiday read. You know, if you’re on a break and compiling a reading list that doesn’t require too much emotional commitment, then add this to the list. And it’s a romance, if that wasn’t overwhelmingly clear from the description.

That being said, I did like this quote, from about halfway through:

“People don’t exist in just the light or the dark. They exist in the contrast”

Good but not great, Bryn sometimes annoys me, the guy just wanders around poking his nose in and the romance plot was predictable. Bryn’s ex-boyfriend is a jerk, so is her father.

I gave this a 3/5 on goodreads.

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