Review: Passengers (2016)

It’s the future. On board the spaceship Avalon, halfway through its 120 year trip to Homestead II, something goes wrong. Mechanic Jim (Chris Pratt) wakes up 90 years too soon when his homeostasis pod malfunctions. And he can’t go back to sleep. He tries. A year on his own, with only the android bartender Arthur for company, Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) wakes. Jim has resigned himself to living his life out on the Avalon, but Aurora takes a while. She comes round eventually. And unsurprisingly, given how they are the only two awake on the ship, they fall in love and into a relationship, enjoying all the luxuries that the ship has to offer. Until a secret is revealed and Aurora spends her time angry and avoiding Jim. Then the ship breaks and they have to work together to fix it, or die.

Given the film revolves almost entirely around two A-List and quite frankly amazing actors, it didn’t quite live up to the expectations. I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting, and it was a good film, but it was all a little, expected. It was about morality and choices and what would you do in that instance? It was excellent, the spaceship/cruiseship is something I can actually see happening in the future, and there were points raised about zeros on the corporations bank statement but it seemed a little….slow. There was a lot of build up, the film is primarily about the relationship between Jim and Aurora: how it starts, how it goes sour, how it ends. As far as romance plots go, it was pretty basic. Rough mechanic guy, pretty rich girl who should never have met fall in love because of their circumstances. Pretty extreme circumstances granted, it’s like being stranded on a desert island.

Through the whole movie, you can see things going wrong with the ship, and then suddenly BAM all hell breaks loose.

So, quite a short review, it was good, not great. Probably won’t see it again, but it’s worth a watch if you like romance films. My stepdad wasn’t expecting there to be quite so much romance when he was expecting cool space stuff (I kind of agree).

If I had to give a rating, with one being… the sorcerers apprentice and 10 being Arrival, I’d probably put it at a six? It wasn’t awful, the special effects were fantastic and Pratt and Lawrence pulled off their usual stellar performances, but it wasn’t jaw-droppingly amazing either.

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