Happy Holidays!

I have Christmas Carols as my background music, and two 4000-word essays due in on my first day back. Ideally, I’d be cracking down and getting them written, but I have to admit, the procrastination game is impossibly strong this month!

I have been drawing, watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (many times), been to the theatre, watched The Crown and have been decorating mugs.

I also nearly bought a cat.

But I was good. I didn’t. I bought six white mugs, porcelain pens and fairy lights instead. My living room looks like santa’s grotto. I may have gone overboard.

My mugs though! That is FUN! How have I never thought of just decorating mugs for fun before? I’m planning on filling one with sweets and giving to my friend. Another one, I’m putting socks in. Just because it had Dobby on!

So, effectively, this Christmas season, the overwhelming obsession is once again the Harry Potter Universe. Except, more specifically, Newt Scamander, the adorkable precious gentleman! I loved Fantastic Beasts. And my absolute adoration of It is why I haven’t written a review. There would have been no possible coherency! It would have been Newt njihfpuiashuhuaiphuehupf niffler ❤ huihauipgusgpau, TINA jioshauhuipguiegu, OMG njhauigsfuaigpf. Wasn’t sure anyone would want to read that!

2016 has been a bit of an odd one. It has been a political shambles around the world, celebrities have been dropping like flies and people have been saying “the curse of 2016 is nearly over”… rather melodramatic. Yes, 2016 was terrible BUT THINK, its been a pretty fantastic year for films! We’ve had Alice through the Looking Glass, Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children, Star Trek Beyond, Arrival(!), and, the absolute gem that was Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. My personal favourite was Arrival, even having seen FBAWTFT more times than it is probably wise to admit.

I also graduated! I finished my undergraduate with a first, I came 12th at Nationals, and I was accepted onto my masters with a scholarship! That is pretty damn impressive.

So personally, 2016 hasn’t been all that bad. I mean, ups and downs, but everyone has them! So, here’s hoping 2017 picks up for everyone.

I hope everyone has a happy holidays, and that 2017 is excellent for all, and that the political situations all over the world pick up.

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