Writng for the university paper

So, like most universities, my university has a paper. It is called The Redbrick (because, I assume, we attend a Redbrick institution…). In the Redbrick, there are lots of different sections: News, Comment, Lifestyle, Culture, Film, TV, Gaming – you get the gist, it is a newspaper. So, I have started writing for them!

So far, I have submitted a book review to The Linguist Magazine, the Shadow of the Wind made for an excellent article (in my opinion).

Today, I submitted my articles for a feature on Live-Action Disney and a review of BBC Class. Exciting times! I will add them up here as soon as they have been uploaded! It is kind of fun, writing for a deadline rather than just going ‘oh, I read a book, I am gonna write a review for my blog’ -which I will still do. You all don’t get out of my book reviews.

In other news! I am going to see Doctor Strange in 4DS on Friday! How exciting! I would love to promise you that I will upload my review on Saturday, but…. unfortunately my department decided to set us a 2000 words essay on Friday afternoon to be handed in on Monday afternoon… Probably wouldn’t be filling me with quite so much dread if I knew vaguely what the topic is going to be. Alas. The reviews will have to be postponed until my to-do list does not consist of ‘Make a deal with the devil to complete essay and still be able to make the Lumineers concert on Sunday night’…

I apologise if you were expecting one of my usual long rambly posts, but my to-do list has nearly reached the bottom of my notebook, and I haven’t even added the reading that was set today yet! Therefore, between frantically preparing for my next seminar, and dancing, and sleeping, I haven’t had time to read more than a few dozen pages of my current book! I have managed a few new drawings, but that was mostly to prevent my brain from melting out of my ears. (if you like my drawings, please follow me on Instagram at Sewbeasew – I love posting whatever I have just finished at the time).

Anyway, I think that should probably be my cue to go and finish the stack of reading I have. I am going to leave you with my two most recent drawings!


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