Review: The Library of Souls

The third and final instalment to the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children series by Ransom Riggs.

At risk of giving away the plot of the first two books, I shall keep the description very brief. Time is running out for the Peculiar children. To save all of Peculiardom, they will have to jump between time loops, all the way to Devil’s Acre – the home of the lowest of the low of peculiardom. As Jacob keeps discovering new aspects to his Peculiarity, and the clock ticks closer to the end of their world, they must keep faith in each other, to channel their abilities to defeat Caul once and for all.

It was terribly exciting! There was this constant uneasy feeling, where you think this is a resolution…. but there is still half the book to go… oh no! This third book was darker, but also more humorous. Devil’s acre is effectively the slums of Peculiardom, highlighting that their world is no more idyllic than ours is. This instalment was significantly faster paced, with lots of action, humour and a significantly more satisfying ending (in my opinion) than its movie counterpart. However – I do love both!

I have absolutely loved the Peculiar series! The characters have been wonderful, Miss Peregrine is still an awesome sass-master, and Emma still flares up at the most inopportune moments – but to me, that just proves they have been well written and consistent. I am incredibly sad to be leaving the world of the Peculiars behind, it has been wonderful, and regardless of your age, or predilection for children’s books, I absolutely recommend these to everyone who enjoys good old imagination!

Seriously. You need to read this series.

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