Back to Uni Madness

Its been ten days since my last post. And honestly, it feels like it has been so much longer! Time has been a whirlwind. It has been a positive hurricane of early mornings and late nights, of work and lectures and meetings and socialising. Of beers in the student bar and coffee in the mornings. It has been taking a set of clothes to work to change into for lectures. It has been manic. It has been exhausting. It has been rather enjoyable.

I was a bit worried about starting my masters. I wasn’t worried about the course. In fact, last Monday I sang a chorus of Halleluiah because I would be getting back into the swing of thinking and analysing and writing. I wasn’t worried about work. I was worried about making friends. I needn’t have. While I haven’t found someone I would make a journey to Hades with yet, I have found several people who I lost an hour or two discussing Doctor Who theories and David Tennant with (I get the feeling we will be close).

In the madness between working early mornings, attending lectures during the day, pottering home (and more often than not, napping) before slipping my shoes on, flattening my wayward hair, and pottering back to university for social engagements, I have been pondering. I had such high hopes of joining a sports team, representation groups, I would volunteer, and work, and do well this year. I have decided that being part of a sports team as well as dance is probably a bit too much, but the rest should be fairly manageable (We shall have to revisit the ‘do well’ later in the year…). I ponder what the future will bring. I see all these bright young (seriously, kids. They are 18!) things running about in sheer excitement of being at university, the world at their feet. It makes me chuckle to hear them proudly announcing how much they drunk the night prior and how tired they are today. Its sweet, I want to say to them don’t worry kid, it gets boring pretty quick. Then the lectures are more exciting. But at the same time, if someone had tried to burst my happy uni bubble three years ago when I first started, I would have been understandably upset.

However, when I tell these fresh faced kids that I am a Masters (and yes, attending the societies fair – they give you free stuff!), they look horrified, possibly at my age… but who knows. they swiftly cover their astonishment up with some garbled veiled compliment about how I don’t look old enough, and move along swiftly. It makes me laugh! I want to impart my wisdom about university, but I know that university is experience at life. I don’t really want to ruin their rose tinted view, they will come to their senses at some point over their first year, recalling the degree they are supposed to be completing.

Having finished my first week of actual lectures, I find myself missing R (she graduated, moved home and got a job like a sensible person). She was my first friend at university, and I am notoriously awful at communication. I no longer have a guaranteed person to annoy in lectures… I do miss her. But, I am determined to make friends on my (absolutely, there are only 20 of us) course, and outside of my course.

Dance was great fun (I kinda wiggle danced for a bit before actually doing the ballroom steps we were supposed to be practicing) and I loved seeing everyone again. I did, however, come to the astonishing realisation that today is only Wednesday!! It is astounding! I am exhausted. I am loving it. But time is slipping through my fingers like a rope through a hook. It always amazed me how time swirls around, it can stagnate for a time then whoosh! there it goes! I am determined to enjoy my time here! I am stubborn, and so I will succeed!

Happy Nearly-October!

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