Review: Hollow City (Peculiar Children #2)

A few days ago, I first got my sweaty palms on the first instalment of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I loved it so much that I couldn’t wait for Amazon Prime to deliver the second book, so I trotted off to town (which I hate) in order to go to Waterstones (which I generally avoid for the sake of my bank balance, and my overstuffed shelves). I started reading Hollow City on the train home. I had finished it by bedtime.

The story starts as soon as the first book ends, at the risk of spoilers, I shall keep the description very brief. In the first book, Jacob learns the truth about his grandfather’s tall tales, and the truth of Peculiardom. He learns of the Hollowgast, and of his own peculiarity. This instalment follows the Peculiar Children as they travel to London, and the Normals and Peculiars they meet on the way. Their goal, to restore Miss Peregrine and possibly save the other ymbrynes.

In some ways, Hollow City was a bit of a let down following the fast paced, heart in your mouth of the first book. The Hollowgast are no longer quite as new and scary, and the story is the elongated road trip. But again, I loved the characters. I missed Miss Peregrine’s sassy comments to Jacob, and even though Jacob was a little whiney at times, it was kinda understandable! He had barely had time to come to grips with his peculiarity before he was the protector of the group! This book involves Jacob discovering the extent of his powers, how he can use them to protect his friends. The tale is not resolved by the end of the book, so be warned!

And there was one HECK of a plot twist at the end! I was surprised. Again, there are old photos dotted through the pages, but they are a little less creepy weird and more just weird.

All in all, I did enjoy it as a sequel. The characters are wonderful, the pictures add something extra, and I am thinking of breaking my No New Books rule in order to read the third as soon as possible. Again, I would recommend if you enjoyed Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Hollow City is a foray further into the world of the Peculiars.

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