Life Through A Lens

I was at a wedding this weekend (it was amazing, and I am so happy for them) and because I had forgotten my handbag, I didn’t take my phone. As a result, I spent a very happy day ambling around a beautiful Mill, dressed as a princess, with an absolute Queen of a bride, and I didn’t take a single photo. Part of why I didn’t take my phone at all was the bride’s desire for a Phone Free Wedding. Basically, she didn’t want all the teenagers sitting with their noses buried in social media.

So, I experienced an entire event, and entire day, without chronicling it. No photos, no facebook status’, no tweets, no instagrams and no whatever else the kids do these days. And *whispers dramatically* It was fine. I didn’t shrivel up and I didn’t waste away with no access to technology. SUPRISE! It can be done. What a shock. Stop the presses. Other people were taking photos, there was a professional photographer, and how many people really care what I’m up to? Probably not that many. So, why do we feel this insatiable need to live our lives through our camera phones?

There’s a funny line from Doctor Who, where the newly regenerated Doctor snorts that the ‘World [was] going to end, as it always was, down a video phone’. And ain’t that the truth? Doesn’t anyone else feel that the longer we spend looking down at our phones, and I am as guilty of this as the next young person, the more of life we are missing? Why keep waiting for the perfect Instagram opportunity and just see what you are trying to take a picture of. We aren’t Colin Creevey after all,  a camera won’t stop the Basilisk from petrifying us.

So, this here is my pledge to try and Stop seeing life through a lens, but by using the two lenses that evolution has given me. Just think, if we become too dependant on technology, we will lose our eyes through evolution and we will have to rely entirely on tech! Like in Wall-E! I don’t want that. I want to feel the sun on my face, and smell the summer breeze, and see the world through my own eyes (And I will still take photos, of course)and I want to experience everything I can without a camera first. Maybe then a few pictures…

This turned out a little more lapsidisical than originally intended. Steering back to the point, it is so easy to not see the events going on around us because we are too busy trying to ‘record the moment’. Maybe we should all trying living the moment, remembering the moment, as people had to before smartphone camera. I am as guilty as the next person, but now I have remembered how easy it is to not see life through a technical lens, I am rather inclined to keep going. Go on. Buck the trend. Don’t pull your phone out for every gathering, do a few candids and then pocket it and go back to chatting to long lost relatives without having to thumb through dozens of photos.

Live a bit of life without the lens!



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